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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the flakes for?

The flakes help with non-skid and also help hide imperfections in the floor with a decorative look.

Where can epoxy flooring be used?
  • Garages
  • Grocery stores and retail
  • Food service, including commercial kitchens
  • Processing plants, factories, and warehouses
  • Medical facilities such as physician offices, veterinarian offices, and hospitals
  • Public safety buildings and correctional institutions
  • Breweries and distilleries
  • Hotel lobbies, bars, and clubs
  • Office buildings
  • Auto shops and showrooms
Is epoxy good for garages?

Garage floor epoxy is an excellent application for epoxy flooring. It’s a surprisingly affordable way to stop concrete dusting and give your garage floor an attractive, low-care floor system that can resist stains and damage from gas and oil spills, dropped tools, hot tires, moisture, and other perils. With garage epoxy, you can finally use your garage for anything you’re imagining such as a workshop, clean storage space, or even a workout area.

Is epoxy flooring affordable?

An epoxy coating is actually very affordable, especially in terms of garage epoxy flooring. Even commercial epoxy in large facilities can be much more affordable than alternative floor systems. In addition to an affordable upfront cost, epoxy flooring requires no expensive maintenance and it can last up to 10 years or much longer to deliver a low lifecycle cost.

Does epoxy flooring work well in a commercial setting?

Absolutely. In fact, epoxy floors were developed for use in commercial environments that are subjected to heavy wear and tear. Commercial epoxy flooring can withstand forklift traffic, constant foot traffic, chemical spills and moisture, cart wheels, heavy loads, and more without showing its age or deteriorating. It’s attractive enough for areas open to the public yet strong enough for areas in which forklifts and heavy machinery are used.

What are the benefits to epoxy flooring?

No matter where it’s installed, epoxy floor coatings have a lot to offer. Here are the biggest reasons facility managers and homeowners invest in epoxy flooring.

  • Withstands heavy-duty wear and tear including heat, extreme cold, road salt, gas and oil spills chemicals, abrasion, impact, and vehicle traffic
  • Isolates spills on the surface for fast and safe cleanup
  • Slip-resistant surface when wet but skid-resistant additives can also be added
  • Seamless and nonporous surface protects your concrete from damage
  • Stops moisture from seeping up through a concrete floor in a basement
  • Can last 10-20 years when installed by professionals on prepped concrete
  • Very little maintenance required
  • Easy to clean with sweeping and mopping. Even pressure washing is possible in industrial settings with cove protection
  • Increases the brightness of the floor to make any space look larger and brighter
  • USDA approved seamless surface can be used in commercial kitchens, public restrooms, and more
  • May increase the value of your home with a high return on investment
  • Easy to customize the look of epoxy with endless colors and design effects


Loved Gregg! He did excellent work. His timeline was spot on and quoted a fair price. I have recommended him to several people interested in refurbishing their garage.Tanya C.

Gregg did a fantastic job for us on our garage floor. I highly recommend Boomer Coatings for any concrete coating project.Tony C.

Gregg did an awesome job from start to finish of this project. His quality of work, professionalism, customer service, product knowledge and punctuality were all fantastic. This is truly the company to hire if you want your garage floor done right and a fair price.Curtis W.